• We understand that high quality of our products is also a guarantee of our Clients’ success.

  • We offer a high quality of food packaging products.

  • Our production facility is equipped with the modern stock of machinery.

  • A professional approach to the needs of our customers is the priority of our company.

About us

„AKOMEX” was founded in 1993 and produces packaging products made of corrugated and solid cardboard. Keeping pace with the growing demand of Polish market of packaging, the company has successively invested in new technologies and increased the competence of its employees at the same time. Our dynamic expansion enabled us to expand the range of our products and offer them to such demanding clients as food or cosmetic industry.

We understand our clients’ needs and therefore we provide the highest quality of our services and final products. We work with major food companies and our packaging can be easily found in major retail chains across Europe.

Thanks to a professional and competent approach, we are proud of trust and credibility of our clients from food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. We are perfectly aware of the importance of providing our clients with efficient logistics management. Our basic task is to provide the customers with high-quality products in the required quantity, at the right place and at the right time.



Cardboard packaging is present everywhere. It is used in almost every aspect of our life and each line of business as well. An unquestionable advantage of this type packaging is its low price – the main reason of its great popularity. Cardboard products are very light and durable, easy to transport anywhere and store.

They are also environmentally friendly, biodegradable and made from natural resources. That makes them ideal for recycling because they can be used again and again in manufacturing new cardboard packaging products.

They are most commonly used in the food industry as seem to be perfect for storing various types of food while maintaining their taste, nutritional and aesthetic aspects.

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Our offer includes

  • graphic design,
  • printing,
  • embossing,
  • cutting services,
  • gluing services,
  • packaging and customizing,
  • subcontractor’s services

We offer packaging for industries:

  • food,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • cosmetics,
  • chemical,
  • electronics,
  • advertising & design,
  • others


We offer printing options:

  • on solid cardboard from 180g up to 700g thick,
  • on corrugated cardboard,
  • with use of flexography,
  • unit packaging,
  • multi-packaging,
  • clamshell packaging,
  • thick packaging boxes,
  • gift boxes,
  • frozen food packaging,
  • PE packaging,
  • technical packaging,
  • cylindrical and oval packaging,
  • glued and folded packaging,
  • blister packaging,
  • others…

We use the latest technology:

  • products processing,
  • hot stamping,
  • laminating,
  • UV lacquer (used in whole or partially),
  • using of dispersion varnish,
  • selective lacquer,
  • embossing and debossing (Braille alphabet),
  • others…


Different types of packaging


Quality and timeliness

As a professional manufacturer of food packaging made of solid and corrugated cardboard or cardboard trays coated with film, we do our best to be a trusted supplier on domestic and foreign markets. We work continuously on the highest quality of our products.

Moreover, we set and implement our annual goals and tasks, which allows us to assess IMS systematically. Constant development of our processes is a guarantee of our profitability and competitiveness. All employees have to follow our company policy.

We provide the highest quality, precision and safety of manufactured packaging. Moreover, we ensure quality control of our products at each stage of production. The full traceability is essential in the food industry and we guarantee it.


Since 2006 we have been using management system based on ISO 9001 and since 2012 the entire enterprise and its infrastructure have been compatible with STANDARD BRC IoP 5. Bureau Veritas is an certification and auditing body.





Technology of production

Our printing machines and equipment thanks to high automation guarantee the highest quality of product, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.

In 2011 we transferred the production process to a new plant with area of ​5500 m2 where we process 10 000 tons of solid and corrugated cardboard. The plant was adjusted to meet requirements of the BRC / IoP.
The production hall is equipped with modern machinery, based on technology of leading companies such as Man Roland, Bobst, Heidelberg and Jagenberg.

Four production lines provide a wide range of packaging not only with simple and complex structures but also with multi-folding and multi-point gluing structures.

We employ 220 people. Experienced staff, quality and process control plus the requirements for consistent hygienic safety within a controlled production process comprise an additional guarantee for our products.

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